Sunday, March 23, 2014

People are Like Windows

People are like windows, I've noticed over the years.

Some are tall and thin.

Some are short and fat.

Some are open, wide and inviting.

Some are closed tight and say, "Go Away."

Some are plain and simple, in fact, very ordinary.

Others are quite fancy.

Some are so dirty their usefulness is hindered.

Some are bright and shinning.

Some are broken, their purpose wasted.

Others are so lovely, they are a sight to behold.

What kind of window are you?


  1. I like the analogy of this ….. I think it depends on the day what kind of window I am…. just like somedays I'm 25 some I'm 95. Which window are you???

  2. Love it. I am a curious welcoming window.

  3. Well done, Pat. Not sure what kind of window I am, but my window is always open to the world.