Sunday, January 17, 2010

61 Now

2010 and I'm 61 and soon will celebrate my 40th wedding anniversary with Kenny. One thing that I've noticed in this past year is that things do not get easier as I get older. For example, opening jars has become a real challenge. Especially since I got my Blackberry in November and now my thumb joints are killing me! Also, taking care of little ones is harder than it used to be. I dearly love Veda, 4, and Lily, 2, but, their energy levels and mine are far apart. Just watching them play wears me out.

Last fall Kenny got a kidney transplant thanks to the selfless love and generosity of his daughter Allyson. What a wonderful blessing that has been in our lives! Kenny was restricted by his transplant surgeon from many activities between October 26 and December 28. But, now, our lives are becoming more normal and we are having fun together.

Each year brings its challenges and rewards. So, I am looking forward to 2010. Bring it on.

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