Monday, January 18, 2010

Best laid plans

I was in Peoria today for my annual mammogram. Kenny tagged along. We had a wonderful lunch at Johnny's Steakhouse before the big squeeze. Afterward, we stopped at Goodwill and Walmart before heading home. My big plans for the evening were to watch Inside Edition and Jeopardy, drink a beer, and watch the evening news. When we got in, Anna was trying to print postcards for her family game night next week and the printer was jammed. I started trouble-shooting it and even did an online chat with kodak helper-all to no avail. Then, I couldn't find my sales receipt and the chat helper sent my info to digital paradise before I could write it down. Yuck. Had to call Sam's Club to get print out of my receipt and get back on the chat to secure the information my helper had dispatched. All was done speedily and after two hours of torment, I was finally able to drink my beer and relax. I guess that compared to cancer or an earthquake, this was just a little blip in my day. Gotta keep things in proper perspective. Right?

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