Friday, March 29, 2013

Finding Twitter

Since I retired, I've gotten pretty active on Twitter. I have met some really awesome people (called Tweeps) on there and some really awful, mean-spirited Right Wing folks who love to insult and call names. One of the nicest people I've met so far is Andrew S. Ginsburg @GinsburgJobs on Twitter. Through Andrew, I've met the A Team. ‏@IslandAnnaLand @JoanLivingbig @reporterphoenix @jodette7 @wcgirl1 @scott_in_worc @bill_mcl @Kurtseldon Most every morning, we greet each other and briefly talk. I feel like I've known them for years. Maybe some even better than face-to-face friends. The only problem that I've run into is that by the time I've listed them all, there aren't many characters of the 140 Twitter allows left to express myself. This leads me to another place I found on Twitter. It is called #LibCrib @RussHayden1 started it as a place to go to relax, chat, share music, important links, etc. I love it in the #LibCrib. Using a hashtag # as a place to gather and talk is fun. You drop the @'s and just tweet with the #. Some find it strange to do it this way. I find it helps to keep a window open on my computer for the hashtag group I am following. But, if I'm on my tablet, I have to use the search to locate the hashtag group. Then I can tweet my input directly if I chose using the hashtag or just scroll through the hashtag tweets to see what's going on in the group. Now often a nasty, mean person (we call them Trolls) will come into the hashtag group and post hateful material. The LibCrib rule that Russ asks us to follow is to ignore the troll. If we chose to respond to the troll, he asks us to drop the hashtag so that the discussion does not show up on the hashtag group's timeline. Recently, my friend Andrew and I started the hashtag #FactsScience and suggested it for the Ateam to use. That way we can tweet more than two or three words to each other. I am thankful for the ones who are giving it a try. Change is hard, but, the #FactsScience group gives us 120 characters to use rather than just the few that are available after all the @'s are listed. I encourage everyone to try one of the hashtag groups, #FactsScience or #LibCrib and see what it is like. If you have questions and you are on Twitter, please feel free to ask me @bannerite or email me at and I will try to be helpful.

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  1. #FactsScience has now moved to #Ateammeet see you there.